About Anita

Anita Lane Headshot

Anita Lane CPC
Advanced Certified ThetaHealer®
Certified Transformational Life Coach

Anita is fulfilling her lifelong passion for assisting people through deep healing based on the belief that transformation can come from short-suffering, not long-suffering.

ThetaHealing® encompasses all areas of our lives—physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, career and financial. Her coaching and mentoring practice is deeply rooted in the philosophy that when we uncover our core beliefs (which are often unconscious beliefs that contradict what we consciously believe), we then hold the power to change the beliefs that have prevented us from achieving wholeness and empowerment.  When we truly know our “story” we can choose to change our “story”, and when we create a new, more empowering “story” we change our life!

Anita has spent her adult life championing, empowering, supporting and guiding others in connecting with their true selves, where real transformation occurs.  She utilizes powerful coaching skills, healing modalities, and many wisdom-producing life experiences to assist her clients in uncovering, and then shifting limiting beliefs and habits in order to live a life of authenticity, passion, purpose, success and peace.