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My life dramatically changed after my sessions with Anita. I realized how much of an impact limiting beliefs can have on one’s life. Through working with Anita, I was able to pinpoint which beliefs were holding me back, which allowed me to start living the life I wanted as well as find happiness with myself. I can’t thank her enough for her help. She is a great coach and I’ve learned a lot while working with her!


Austin, Texas | August 2016

I appreciate you so much, lady! Your insights help so many pieces click into place, and the puzzle seems more like a map when we are done. And thank you for the opportunity to revive healing ways of my own that have lain dormant. So grateful for that encouragement. Love and light, Brenda


Austin, Texas | July 2016

Anita, thank you so much for the work you’re doing with me. Things already feel so different. I know I’m still in a strange place, but it feels less sticky, like I can be here without being sucked in. The clearing stuff is really powerful, but even more than that, the space you hold for me and the direction you give means so much to me. Thank you.


April, 2016

I had a good weekend after our session.  I’ve noticed (and my wife has noticed) some pretty awesome shifts. It’s in small, but really noticeable ways where she actually said she thought “Who IS this?!?!” 🙂  So it’s good! Really, really good. 

I’ve been raving about our session so you can expect my dad to come see you when he’s in town and my friends have already been sent your information. I’m sure there will be more where that is coming from and I, myself, am so looking forward to the next session I get to have with you!


June 2016

I’m so grateful for your insight. Meeting you has improved my life more than I could have ever predicted.


May 2016

Anita has a deep sense of empathy and understanding for each individuals particular history and circumstances. It’s rare to find someone with such a well-balanced mix of intuition and psychology. She regularly creates massive change for her clients in very little time.


January 2016

Thank you again for the session.  I noticed immediate improvement and more importantly, my wife noticed too.  She said it was like I was a new person. 


March, 2016


My experience from being coached by Anita Lane is that the results are “Transformational”. That is, resulting in “Shifts in my Being” that were not expected, not in the domain of logic. Rather, out of nowhere, I find myself to be experiencing Calmness and Peace instead of anxiety and worry.

Anita . . . is . . . “Good!”


October 2015

So happy to report that I have experienced a drastic change since our session yesterday. A peaceful feeling settled over me and stayed with me through the day. I went for a walk, exercised, stuck to the “joy diet” you recommended. Suddenly, things seem lighter, more manageable and doable. Opportunities even popped up out of the blue, as if energy had been moved and room in my life created for some fun. 


June 2015

What I appreciate about Anita’s coaching is that she offers a safe space to look at areas of life that a person may be stuck in.  She has a wonderful process to narrow down the areas of concern, which frees up a person’s ability to choose for themselves steps to take to achieve their goal. 


May 2015

You are amazing. I don’t often tell you but I am hard pressed to believe that my successes would have come so quickly or easily without you. Thank you for being you and it is my pleasure to be of service to you.


April 2015


I’ve experienced another miracle after our last session.  I have reconnected with someone against whom I held a grudge for a very long time, through my instigation.  The thing that I couldn’t forgive for so long has lost its charge!  I’m so very happy that it happened naturally without me having to do any sort of mental “process” on it (which wouldn’t have worked probably anyway).


April 2015

God did a miracle and you helped Him.  I hate to say it too fast, but since our session I have been released this week from my bondage to sweets and wine.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I have even had a very, very stressful week, and I still feel great!

Thanks Anita!!


March 2015

God did a miracle and you helped Him.  I hate to say it too fast, but since our session I have been released this week from my bondage to sweets and wine.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I have even had a very, very stressful week, and I still feel great!   Thanks Anita!!  Can I schedule another session?


March, 2015


Recently, I was at a crossroads where I had to deal with some very deep-rooted emotional blocks that had been buried since being given up for adoption at birth. After feeling emotionally paralyzed for months, I decided to seek Anita’s help, and what I experienced in one session was truly life-changing. Anita was able to pinpoint the traumas that had affected my personal beliefs and actions throughout my entire life, and helped me shift the negative beliefs to positive, affirming ones. Through continued work, I have fully embraced my self-worth, and feel mentally and internally lighter every day. If your “inside” doesn’t match the “perfectly-pulled-together outside” that others see, I highly recommend you spend time with Anita to release the past and find the freedom to be the person you were created to be.

Susan Tolles

Austin, Texas | May 2014

I went to see Anita because I was struggling with an attachment/idea that was not healthy for me and the space that it was taking in my life caused me to be less productive in my business and personal life. I knew all of this but yet, I could not seem to release those ideas.

Through one session of ThetaHealing® with Anita I released the emotional burden that I had been carrying.  As a result, my focus returned and the number of clients that call me has increased dramatically.  Letting go of the old is truly freeing and it makes space for new opportunities to enter.  So, thank you Anita for the wonderful work that you do!

Ryka George

Austin, Texas | March 2014

I went to see Anita after meeting her at a networking group, something she said caught my attention about the way we are programmed to think. I set an appointment March 4th and showed up not really knowing what to expect. I still can’t explain everything but man that one session changed my attitude, my thinking and my business. Just ten days later, March 15th, I enrolled a business partner and we are having the time of our lives working together. Anita cleared the way for me to get rid of my self doubt and limiting beliefs about what I can do. I now see that anything I desire is possible if I believe it. I no longer have to listen to the negative stuff in my head. Thanks again Anita, you are truly amazing.

Kelly Connor

Austin, Texas | March 2014

In the months following the sale of our company in late December of 2012, I discovered that it was quite a challenge for me to adjust to a daily routine without management and business accountability to company stakeholders. It turns out that, like many, my identity was to a large degree linked to my work. The new opportunity before me is to seek out and find a life purpose I am passionate about, which reflects my values and will benefit from my skills and experience.

With Anita’s assistance, I have been able to remove the “should’s” I was carrying around. “I should make as much money as before”; “I should be making a difference”; “I should build a new company”, etc., etc. In a very compassionate way she has helped me let go of old emotional baggage resulting from my past mistakes. Through ThetaHealing®, Anita provided the methodology to uncover and confirm my values and skills, and the ability to assess whether a new opportunity is a good match or not.

Because I have felt so uplifted and energized following my time with Anita, I have looked forward to and have thoroughly enjoyed every session.

With love and gratitude,

Jim H.

Austin, Texas | January 2014

Anita, I walked off and was deep in thought. Did I thank you? If not, please accept my apology. My session was an incredible experience for me. I want to see you again next month…to follow-up.


God did a miracle and you helped him. I hate to say it too fast. But I am have been released this week from bondage to sweets and wine. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have even had a very very stressful week with my sons pneumonia and I feel great! Molly

Anita, My session with you last night was just what I needed. I had felt sluggish all day and then after we met I went home with tons of energy. I didn’t go to bed until almost 1 a.m. — I felt so charged up. And, I feel great today too! Figuring out those conflicting beliefs makes so much sense to me now, as well as the beliefs that date back to my birth. Wow, just wow is all I can say. I already feel more like the self I want to be.

I’m taking this energy and attitude on the road to me and I look forward to more work with you ahead!  


July 2014

I think about our Coaching & Theta Healing sessions with such gratitude.  You make personal growth so easy & fun!!  Seriously, I think it’s hard to say what all I got, but little events & thoughts will happen where I realize I’m reacting differently than I used to. I definitely have less fear.  


July 2014

In one session Anita changed something very dramatic in me that will help me for the rest of my life. I can’t say enough about her and her warm, accepting, non-judgmental, calm, presence.


July 2014

I LOVE the work that you do. I’m not sure if it is the work as much as it is YOU. Not that the work isn’t important; however, someone else doing the exact same work, without your pizzazz, just wouldn’t be able to pull it off.


August, 2014


Anita lifted me up the minute I met her — with her warmth, her empathic energy, and her easy laugh! She is so real and yet such a superwoman; a wonderful, inspiring captain who instantly put me at ease and my guards down. I wanted to tell her everything, but I knew I wouldn’t have to go through everything for her to understand. I feel like I’ve had 10 years worth of therapy in just two sessions with her. Her gifts as a coach and healer are unmistakable, and her approach is so efficient, so on target, and yet so organic and metaphysical. She invites all of you into the room—your present self, your 4 year old self, your best self, your worst self—and she’s somehow able to help all of them in one shot. She mends your oldest wounds; she gives you a better relationship with yourself, which in turn helps you in your relationships with all others; she really heals you at your foundation.


Austin, Texas

Thank you so much for the great session! It was beyond what I had imagined, I had no idea of these belief systems and fears I had and how they were related to my Dad.

It was awesome meeting you too and hope we can get together again.

When I told my Mom a little bit about my session she said it gave her goosebumps! And I will ask my Dad if anyone took his Divine inspirations.

Thanks again!


After one session I was hooked because I had found the peace and clarity I had been longing for—at last. Anita’s warm and calm demeanor as well as her confidence and strength give you hope from the moment you meet her. Her talent for analyzing problems and picking up on key phrases allows her to tailor affirmations to suit the new beliefs you wish to embody. And it feels effortless. Session after session, I expand my capacity for self-love, acceptance and personal power. Thanks to Anita’s coaching and ThetaHealing®, I am transformed.


The insights and changes I am experiencing with Anita’s help are having such a positive impact on my attitude, my relationships, and my physical health.  I am definitely more optimistic about life and the power of love. A.S.

I love my ThetaHealing® Sessions with Anita, she has a gift! She knows how to laser in, and get to the root of the problem or challenge. She uncovers the belief systems that are not serving me anymore and then we heal these instantly.  We then create new beliefs and ground them in a way that is lasting. The truth is uncovered and I feel more free, liberated and confident moving in the directions that I want to move in. I love it; she is great, she is an awesome healer. I use Anita’s healing gifts when I have something come up that I know needs to be healed so I can grow and continue to become the woman I am meant to be.


Entrepreneur | August 2013

My session with Anita was deeply healing for me. She helped me connect with and integrate a part of myself that has felt rejected for more than a decade. I am so grateful for her and her work. She was so present and tuned in…on all levels.

Her insights are so valuable and spot on especially in regards to some symptoms that were showing up in my physical body. Anita is a powerful and gifted healer. I feel more cleared up now to speak authentically and powerfully. Thank you, Anita for all that you do and are!


Anita, I must say that our session blew me away. Talking to you and doing the exercises helped me understand my “blocks” and develop more compassion and patience for myself. Since our session, I’ve felt calmer and I feel hopeful that the loads of shame and grief I’ve carried for so long will finally dissipate. I’m beginning to lovingly look at my “box”, and I created a new, more loving “memory” surrounding my childhood incident.

I’m reading your notes each day and feeling a slight shift — more inner peace and ease. I’m eager to sign up for another session. I’ll touch base with you mid-week.

Thanks again, Anita. You’ve made a big difference in my life!!



Thank you so much for the ThetaHealing® session on Friday.  You really worked some magic on me.  I had two parties this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  I just kept saying the clearing we did… “I am a strong, healthy, and thriving adult woman” – going in my head.

It is truly amazing.  I feel so much better than I did a week ago.  I cannot thank you enough.  I feel like I have had quite a jump start with my health and healing.


Anita is a gifted healer who fully embodies this work, and the heart space to do so compassionately with her clients. This is a gentle process of deep healing masterfully by her.


Hi Anita!

Thank you so much for the great session! It was beyond what I had imagined, I had no idea of these belief systems and fears I had and how they were related to my Dad . It was awesome meeting you. When I told my Mom a little bit about my session she said it gave her goosebumps!   

Thanks again!


The insights and changes I am experiencing with Anita’s help are having such a positive impact on my attitude, my relationships, and my physical health.  I am definitely more optimistic about life and the power of love. 

Thanks so much, Anita.  Until next time.


August 2013

Thanks so much for this awesome and life altering session… I feel so free and am having fun aligning with my playful 5 year old!


August 2013


I believe you are a wonder, however this insight comes to you. Thank you for blessing my life. l hope to pass that blessing along to my children and to release them. S.J.

Through the ThetaHealing® process, Anita identified and released a deep seated core issue that had been running my life unconsciously for many years. Since this emotional clearing I have been experiencing amazing Emotional and Mental Freedom. Anita + Theta Healing® = Personal Freedom! S.D.

Dear Anita, When I was first referred to you I could have never known the journey I was about to embark on. You have helped me find my voice and my way. Clearing my grief and forgiving my Mother allowed her to move on to find her peace. I thank you for that. You helped guide me to find my voice and speak my truth for the first time as an adult. I had never heard of ThetaHealing® and was such a skeptic. Now I have found my authentic, true self for the first time ever. Thank you for coaching and believing in me, and for helping heal people so that they can too find their own way too. Thank you. S.B.

Without Anita, I would not be the happy, healthy person I am today! I worked through several Theta Healing sessions with Anita over the course of a few months, and could not be happier with the results. I feel freer, happier, and more self-aware than I ever have before. Anita was caring and empathetic as she helped me to uncover core beliefs I did not even realize I had but that were limiting my self-confidence and ability to enjoy life. She helped me ask the right questions of myself to determine what was holding me back. After I pin-pointed those beliefs, she helped me to clear them, and I experienced immediate relief. Negativity and self-doubt have been erased,and I have been able to experience the last few months of my life with a clear mind and with confidence, happiness, and peacefulness. I have even seen results I could never have expected or imagined like improvements in friendships and family relationships, as well as new opportunities and relationships that have entered my life where I created space by eliminating negative thinking. Perhaps the biggest improvement has been in my relationship with myself. After battling weight gain caused by unhealthy food preferences and cravings for years, I am now tuned into my body’s nutritional needs, and my thoughts and desires about food have come in line with those needs in a way I never imagined was possible. It is amazing to me that through just a few short sessions I could experience such an all-encompassing transformation. What a blessing! Elizabeth

I cannot tell you how much our ThetaHealing® sessions have changed my mental well-being! Had I not experienced it for myself I would have a hard [time] believing that it could impact me so quickly. Prior to our sessions I was constantly over-thinking personal situations, expecting the worst and creating negative “stories” in my mind. I have become a much calmer, more rational and joyous person. Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful therapy! Count on me consulting with you in the future as the need arises! Luci

June 28, 2012


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anita closely over the past nine months. She has continually demonstrated what a model coach should be — in the form of her professionalism, resourcefulness and ability to challenge “status quo” thought processes into something greater and more meaningful. Anita is an expert at digging through clutter and getting to the roots behind a perceived challenge — something vitally important in order to even begin to address that challenge. I’ve had the opportunity to witness Anita’s prowess in coaching others and her value as a workshop leader. Anita’s creativity and approach to visioning has allowed me to gain clarity over my very own personal and professional vision as well. Anita is an asset to any individual looking to take their life from status quo to visionary — and she is the model coach to partner with to make those visions a reality beginning today. Chris Magdelain

Principal & Executive Design Strategist

Anita has not only been my coach but she has been an inspiration to me. I had been thinking for several months about some goals I wanted to attain but couldn’t yet realize. For me saying out loud to someone, this is what I want to do, started the process. And while I found motivation in being held accountable, Anita’s strength, and the greatest advantage to me, was in her caring and gentle way of getting to the real blocks in my life and helping to remove those so that my true goals could be seen and realized. I highly recommend Anita to anyone who wants to lead a healthier, happier more empowered life. Pamela Miller

ACC, CPC, ELI-MP | September 11, 2011

Working with Anita was a God-send! Anita was very instrumental in helping me get to know myself by observing myself and my habits. Anita helped me to turn unfruitful thoughts, feelings and actions into a harvest of opportunity to trust my intuition and stretch beyond my comfort zone. Anita is a woman after God’s heart and she showed compassion and was always genuine. What I appreciated most was that Anita didn’t judge me and kept me engaged and focused on my goals. Thanks Anita!! Lynette Jones

CPC, ELI-MP | December 6, 2011