Individual Sessions

Individual ThetaHealing®

Individual ThetaHealing® sessions consist of us working together to uncover and heal areas in your life by clearing your limiting beliefs. As the ThetaHealer®, I muscle test you about your feelings and beliefs, and ask questions to get down to your core belief system. Then we clear your limiting beliefs using the ThetaHealing® process and follow up with muscle testing again to see that the original belief has cleared. The client often experiences a relaxed peaceful state during the session.  The ThetaHealing® process is very helpful in healing your relationship with yourself and healing issues of past relationships with family, love relationships, friendships or any type of relationship. This process can also powerful in clearing physical pain and illness. I always remind my clients that God/Creator is the source of all healing, and that only that which serves their highest and best good will ever occur.

I work with Individuals for a single session, or on a monthly basis with weekly sessions.  The sessions can be done remotely by phone or in-person, either way the sessions are equally effective.  If you know someone who could benefit from this service who is out of state, feel free to refer them to my website or have them call me with questions.